I am passionate about this as there are many women who think they are fat because of what others say about them when they are not. I know this well as I am judged as fat for my body shape and size because I am doing Battle Babes when I wear a size small to medium Lorna Jane (after being a size 18 Australian and not being able to wear these clothes at all for my size) and exercise regularly and do what I find joy in. Now where does this myth about what fat is come from anyway? Is it the BMI or religious projections or simply something that is made up by human beings? Every person has a different view of what is the ideal body so why would you go about trying to please other people. Why not find your own weight sweet spot and stop putting pressure on yourself? Of course, lose weight if you are told by a Health at Every Size (HAES) doctor but don’t go about your life wasting time on what other people think because fat is only a human construct that is judgement run rife. The three ways to deal with being judged as fat will help you to love your body and enjoy life more:

Know that you are loved regardless of your body shape or size.

People sometimes place their love on the way you look and favour the skinner sibling or woman causing women to think they are not enough the way they are. People judge based on comparison and if you are comparing yourself to others, make sure you look at who you are, start realising that fat on the body is not bad, while you might want to shift a little bit of it or a lot, you can still know that you are lovable and loved right now.

Know that what the other people are thinking or saying is their own values and opinion only.

Every single person on the planet has a different view of what skinny or fat is and that’s something we all have to get used to. The fitness industry often thinks that a model that is size 6 is the ideal body shape and size when the clothing industry for fitness now is more diverse and projects all body shapes and sizes. This is a values thing and who is right or wrong? I don’t know but just know that it is imperative for your body image that you love your body now and embrace it while losing weight for your health knowing that opinions are a dime a dozen, and your worth is not based on what other people think – it is based on the way you think about yourself.

Start accepting yourself instead of judging yourself based on external pressure.

External pressure can destroy you if you let it and it can crush you if you allow it to. Make sure you stay strong in who you are and what you believe about yourself that is positive while accepting yourself warts and all. When I say that Battle Babes is about losing weight, it is mostly about losing the weight off your mind and the body will follow with the right strategy and actions. It is not about morphing yourself into someone you are not or obsessing so you can look different. It is about finding a way to accept yourself while being healthy in body and mind. How can you do this today? Maybe start with monitoring your thoughts, feelings and emotions and changing them toward a loving and accepting approach to be able to be free.

The following article What is fat anyway? 3 ways to deal with being judged as fat. is available on Battle babes fitness by Anna Maria Lang