In life it can be all consuming sometimes trying to be thin and look like the ideal woman. In knowing that skinny is not the be all and end all to life, while health and freedom from the constraints of the quest to be skinny is. I know it might sound like it is hard work finding freedom as we are bombarded with images and expectations daily while you must understand that in this mission, you are able to be in charge of your mind and therefore your results. Your mind is a powerful thing and if you are suffering for the way that you think you look, when do you think is a good time to give up the eternal quest to be skinny that has you never feel good enough to love your body now, eat well, exercise and nourish yourself for extraordinary results.

I’m not saying being thin is wrong – far from it.

Health is what is most important and sometimes your mental health depends on your levels of internal and external freedom. So many women live in misery at all sizes so why not find your true self, beauty and ability to be alright with yourself no matter what your body shape or size. Losing weight doesn’t need to be this ultimate quest for the skinniest body and the best looks, it must be about losing the weight of your mind and finding freedom because your quality of life, whether you realise it now or not depends on it.

Find freedom from within.

Skinny might taste good and I know many women find that at all costs, but you must be a Battle Babe who puts freedom over being skinny and if that means you must take your time to find equilibrium, balance out your metabolism once more and stop fad diets and extreme measures then you must at all costs find yourself again. When you are finding your way in all of this, put freedom first and seek professional help to be able to find your natural weight set point and if you want to sculpt or lose some weight from there do so but know that it may not be sustainable for the rest of your life.

You deserve freedom.

You deserve the freedom I am speaking of here and you should own your body no matter how big or small while finding what works for you in this mission toward your ultimate goals. I am still saying that health and weight not always but can be connected so make sure you get your doctor’s approval for health at any size while thinking about your goals and what you want out of life. Your values may shift at different times in your life so make sure you work to your current values and stop comparing yourself to the younger you, others who are half your age and those who have different genetics and lifestyles. Freedom is found from within, and you can achieve that in the most powerful and sustainable way. I know it may seem hard, but it all starts with your intention and your willingness to let go of expectations and allow your body to feel good and for you to thrive. Take actions today to lose weight off your mind for ultimate freedom.

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