In this day and age, sadly the image of a woman is often correlated with their levels of success and empowerment. So many people think that you must look a certain way to be deemed successful and empowered but I beg to differ. Empowerment is not something that is truly quantifiable because it is unique to each individual due to being derived from living your true values. Let’s face it, if you are healthy and don’t look super skinny and you are living your life the way you want to, you are empowered still. You are also empowered if you look like a super model or bikini model while it is all based on the values that each individual holds and what is important to them. If being empowered to you means doing things that result in being thin then go for it, while also making sure you live your life for health over being driven by vanity or unrealistic looks. Skinny doesn’t equal empowerment while being inspired from within does and with these 3 simple strategies you might just find an element of freedom:

Base your levels of empowerment on what you give and the difference you make not your body.

Empowerment as mentioned is very individual and while the model of empowerment that many women are influenced by looking a certain way, it is up to you to create your own model and values and live by them. Your levels of empowerment should be based on what you can give and the difference you can make while keeping your body healthy as it is your temple. In this mission, make sure you are free from the constraints of society’s pressures to look a certain way and allow yourself to find peace over your body, get out there, make life happen and be empowered in your own unique way.

Love your body regardless and don’t let it be the thing that stops you from thinking you are or are not empowered.

Thinking that your body shape and size is a reflection of true empowerment is such a silly concept to me. Empowerment comes from within, it is connection to the divine and your willingness to see and follow your own true calling and visions. Of course, that includes health for everyone, but it is not the determining factor for your levels of empowerment. Loving your body now is imperative to the empowering women game while also ensuring that you don’t allow your body shape or size stop you from doing what you deem empowering things. For one woman it is different to another so make sure you find your true calling, live by it and a healthy life simultaneously.

Go out and make life happen while putting your wellbeing first.

Different levels of health appeal to different people. As long as your doctor is saying you are healthy then you are healthy. This is not a number on the scales for the right doctor, it is a check-up and thorough one to make sure everything internally is working, and you are able to perform your empowered woman tasks. Put your wellbeing at the forefront of your mind because when you are healthy you can do so much more while not letting body image be something that holds you back or make you think you are not empowered. You are empowered now from within and you are never without so make sure you go forth knowing your version of empowerment, standing by it and living your truth.

Skinny doesn’t equal empowerment- being inspired from within does! is republished from Battle babes fitness