Everyone has patterns of attraction that are derived from your thinking. To win the war on weight, body image and mental fitness, it is important to notice your patterns and work on them so you can change your behaviour. If you aren’t willing to dig deep and look at what you are attracting and creating, you will be doomed to repeat unhealthy patterns that don’t serve you over and over again. In this mission, make sure you seek professional guidance to be able to identify your patterns of attraction and work toward a new way of approaching things to win this war hands down. These insights will assist you to overcome your patterns of attraction and find some freedom:

Notice your behaviours and shift and adjust.

When you notice you are doing something that doesn’t ultimately serve you, it’s important to pay attention to what is happening in your mind and then change your behaviours based on that. Too many women think they are stuck with the patterns they are attracting into their lives, but you are not. Shifting and adjusting your behaviours takes learning from the past and knowing you can change.

    Learn from your past.

    As you notice your behaviours and you want to shift and adjust to be able to create a new behaviour, you must learn from the past and see how it served you to this date and then powerfully move forward. Learning from the past allows you to understand yourself and your past behaviours to become self-aware and capable of shifting and adjusting to be free of the old pattern forever.

    Be confident you can change.

    Too many people believe that leopards can’t change their spots. That is a fallacy because all behaviours are human constructs and a compilation of decisions, thoughts, feelings and emotions that were created by people, influences and environments. You may need to ask for a miracle every day and shift and adjust every day if you have deep programming, but you can find ways to feel confident that you can change. If you think you can’t you won’t but if you think you can you will. Ask and you shall receive.

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