In watching movies and dating shows, it seems the world is portraying that love is only for the ones who look what society might say or think is like the young, glamorous and ideal woman. They are filled with thin, glamorous people who may or may not be nice people portraying that soul mates might only come in those packages. When it comes to body image and loving your body this is not about not being healthy where possible, it is about embracing yourself and knowing that you don’t need to morph into an ideal woman to find love. You don’t need to wait until you reach your goal to allow love into your life. While it is important while you are on the quest for love to ensure you attract your soul mate and make sure he is supportive of your health but don’t confuse looks for being lovable. These insights will assist you to know you are lovable no matter what while ensuring you work each day toward your goals:

Embrace your body while taking action toward your goals.

You don’t need to be model looking to be worthy of love. This doesn’t mean you should let yourself go and not take action toward your dreams. What it does mean is that it’s important to know who you are deep inside over your looks and if the man you are dating or with doesn’t love you for you, and only wants your looks then it’s time to take stock and make some changes if that is what you want toward being loved for the real you. As you embrace your body the way it is now and work toward your goals, it is imperative to your mental health and quality of life that you are adored not for your looks but for your deep and loving soul.

Date now, not when you reach the magic number on the scales.

I know it might seem difficult to date or be in a relationship when you may not be completely happy with yourself and your body. The thing is, get happy with it while taking healthy actions and finding the man who loves you warts and all. Happiness doesn’t hinge on the way you look, while health can most certainly enhance your life and make you feel more joyful, it’s not the defining factor in you being worthy and deserving of the love you are meant for. So many women miss out on true love because of the way that they think they look and what society might be projecting is perfection and who gets love. Be the type of woman who has courage and who loves their body now and makes life happen in all seasons and phases of life.

Choose the man who wants you for you.

I know that it may be difficult for you to feel loved for you. Society has often portrayed the ideal life as skinny, glamorous, and perfect. But life just isn’t like that as what is perfection anyways and that is not where happiness is derived from, it comes from you as a human construct that can be decided on each day and moment regardless of how difficult it might seem to do so. As you go about choosing your life partner, make sure he wants you for you. Make sure he doesn’t want you for your looks, body or any material aspects because the quality of your life is hinging on making the right choice or continuing to choose the one you have. Find the man who loves you and your body just as much if not more than you do and embrace the fact that perfection is in the present moment, not some day in the future when you may have achieved your goals.

The post Love is for everyone and all shapes and sizes was originally published to Battle Babes Fitness blog