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How to embrace your age and your body as it changes

As I write this, I am 44 years young and you may be wondering why I have launched this magazine at a time when the odds are against me when it comes to my body shape and size. It is important to not feel like you have to look like a teenager with your body when you mature and age and to embrace your body now for the way it is. So many challenges may be knocking down your door with the odds stacked up against your metabolism but that is no reason to diet, seek a quick fix or gimmick or give up on the weight, body image and fitness game. It is a daily task to deal with the forces of nature and the most effective ways to deal with this are the following:

Embrace your body at all phases of life. You may be younger reading this and be prepped for your future or you might be in your 40’s like me and wanting to know that firstly you are not alone in the fight against the forces of nature. The thing about this is that you are made to be healthy and look after yourself and the best way to start doing that is to release the pressure and stress over the way you look and start putting your attention and focus on embracing and loving your body while letting go of the perfectionism for the results you truly want.

Tell yourself daily that you are beautiful and amazing. The more you affirm this the more you become it and the less stress you place upon yourself. When you think about what you want to be like, of course take actions toward that but know that if you never lost another kilogram that you are beautiful and amazing anyway. Your health must come first and losing weight is something I’ve become accustomed to and good at while the thing is that menopause and the aging process make it sometimes difficult to have what you had when you were younger without surgery. Loving yourself and knowing you are beautiful and amazing now will set you free.

Stop comparing yourself to your younger self or younger women. When you stop comparing yourself, you become liberated and empowered in a way that has you understand you are unique and perfect just the way you are. If you are inspired to lose some weight, then by all means do so for your health and use your past body shape or size or an image of the body you want that is realistic but don’t place all of your worth and energy on the way you look and comparing yourself to the old you or younger women who are in a different phase of life. Start accepting your situation and know that with age comes wisdom and if you can find peace in the war on weight, body image and fitness you become abundantly free.

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