I have been there – the bikini body babe and the crop top wearing woman and fit and fabulous while feeling like I am looked at as not being empowered for my choice of clothing or training programs. I know the pain of the young fit woman who feels not good enough regardless of what you do for your health, body shape and size. I know the feelings of being judged as a vixen or temptress when the wrong is not in the minds of the woman, it is in the judgement of the others. I also know what it is like to be in my mid 40’s and how much I wish I appreciated my own body back then while I can, and do, appreciate my body now regardless. I want to impart upon you this wisdom – love your body regardless of your shape and size and appreciate your younger years, what you wear and the way you approach things as long as it is from a place of self-love not vanity. So many people think that women wearing crop tops and bikinis is not empowered or it is objectification or seeking external validation – but what if it’s simply a sign of self-comfort, empowerment with body image and a way to be expressed that is safe and doing no harm. With these 3 insights, you will feel more empowered to embrace your body now and know that you are worthy at all times in your life:

Wear what makes you feel alive, comfortable and self-expressed.

There is nothing wrong in my eyes as a spiritual and very much a woman about empowerment with wearing what you feel is comfortable and right for you. It is better to have lived and loved your body at all stages and expressed yourself the way you want to whether that be covering up or wearing tasteful bikinis and crop tops. It is not disempowered to wear such clothes and many what is deemed empowered women have been there. Objectification is in the judger and objectifyer not the woman who is dressing to be fully self-expressed and loving their body with a healthy self and body image.

Follow your heart and know that your worth is far more than your body.

You know what you are comfortable with wearing. You know in your heart why you are wearing what you are wearing also. Is it to catch a man or gain attention or is it a sign of self and body love showing you and the world that you are comfortable in your own skin? Your worth has nothing to do with your body shape or size, it has everything to do with your inner beauty and ability to embrace yourself for the lovely and amazing woman you are.

Understand your own true value knowing you are beautiful on the inside first.

Your inner beauty must come first. There is no point in striving for that bikini or crop top on diets and living in misery. There is every point in wearing them now if you like while working your way to the way you want to be in a healthy way. Your value has nothing to do with whether you wear these clothes or not and your levels of empowerment come from within, living your own true core values and seeking to find ways to embrace your body, inner beauty and self-expression for the way that you truly want to.

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