In a world where fat shaming is sometimes a sport for people, it is important to be the type of woman who is about compassion and empathy for yourself and others. Often women fat shame themselves and along with the stress and social pressures of the shaming others do, it can be a very stressful time if you gain weight. It is important in the body image and body love mission to ensure you see that others shaming is only a reflection of them and to let it ride on by because others’ opinions don’t really count. It is your opinion that matters and if you have an opinion of yourself that is not healthy for you and is about shaming yourself then now may be a good time to make some changes. As you age, it is rare that women are as thin as they used to be while they can be. People don’t know truly what someone who has gained weight is going through or has gone through, so it is such a gift to be compassionate and have empathy for yourself and others. These insights will assist you to gain compassion and empathy for your situation and with others because as you judge you shall be judged:

Appreciate your weight gain while making changes.

When it comes to weight gain, I know you want to hate it and I know it’s difficult to see that loving your body can help you heal it and lose weight. The stress of body hate can cause you to diet, temporarily lose weight and gain weight within itself. So be sure to appreciate any weight gain, know that it doesn’t mean anything about you that is negative and it’s not the end of the world if you gain a few kilograms. As you see that there are lessons and the weight has served you in some way, you get to own what you have done to your body, see it as something you can learn from and move on permanently while understanding that weight fluctuates so have some compassion and empathy for yourself and others.

Deal with unresolved trauma to heal the real problem.

So many people think weight is a weight issue when it most often is trauma or unresolved and undigested life experiences that are at play. Now I know… there may also be a stigma around not being ‘perfect’ in this day and age when it comes to mental health. But understand that compassion and empathy can go a long way in your life and for your weight loss because releasing the stress and pressure trauma puts on your body can be life changing. Even if you never lost another kilogram in your life, isn’t it better to live your life in a state of gratitude and joy regardless. While with the right strategy, healing, compassion and empathy for all past hurt and pain you begin to find yourself and take inspired actions toward your ultimate health. Seek professional guidance to heal your past hurt and trauma.

Have compassion and empathy for others.

As you understand that weight is just an accumulation of habits and unresolved life experiences, you get to see that it’s not about being skinny anymore – it’s about being free. As you have more compassion and empathy for others, you will notice you have more for yourself and vice versa. As you look into the world you are telling yourself things about yourself by what you think of others. So, in having compassion and empathy for others, you begin to have more compassion and empathy for yourself and you set yourself and others free because your commitment to being free overcomes all shaming. Just live your life and go about your life while including health as a priority so you can live with vitality giving yourself and others the gift of compassion and empathy.

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