Most people have it. That is the inner rebel who gets fed up with having to watch what you eat, exercise like a machine to be able to manage your weight and feel like you are on a diet most of the time. Do you know your inner rebel who just wants to throw in the towel, prove you don’t care about what other people think of your body or prove to yourself that you just don’t care about what you look like anymore? This is something that can be debilitating, lead to yoyoing and struggles with weight, body image and fitness. With so much pressure to look a certain way these days, it’s hard to know when enough is enough and to find your balance that you can sustain for the rest of your life. And then there are life phases of your weight fluctuating at a normal rate that can make it seem like the whole process isn’t worth it and it’s too much hard work – so you throw in the towel. This just doesn’t work and the inner rebel who wants to cut loose needs to be tamed through these simple strategies to be able to find your groove and stay on track:

Realise you have an inner rebel and embrace it as part of the journey.

The inner rebel wants to come out to play sometimes and trying to squash it and push it away will only cause it to rear its ugly head over and over again. You must acknowledge it, embrace it as part of the journey and allow yourself to understand it rather than trying to force yourself into overcoming it. Your inner rebel will sabotage your success and it will cause you to struggle if you can’t tame it. So, go about making sure you learn and grow from what it is trying to teach you and show you about yourself and move powerfully forward understanding it and knowing it is there but can’t get you or stop you. You are stronger and better than your inner rebel and loving it while creating a path for yourself that is powerfully driven will assist you in gaining and sustaining your results.

Have plans and strategies in place so you can be disciplined and in charge of your health.

Your inner rebel wants to throw in the towel when it comes to discipline and taking charge. Maybe you are tired of being disciplined and trying to take charge of your health. Maybe you are seeking to find ways to avoid being those aspects that will bring you success. Be very mindful of sabotage and your inner rebel trying to take you away from discipline and taking charge of your health because it will often try and you may feel like you are on a cycle of success and failure if you don’t have a plan, stick to it and stay true to your visions for your health and wellbeing. Strategise and try new ways while being disciplined with your strategies but also free at the same time knowing that this is not about obsession, it is about creating long term sustainable results. Take it slower and steadier if you don’t feel you can sustain it while strategise, be disciplined and take charge for the sake of your weight, body image and fitness.

Love your body at all phases while working toward what you want.

The inner rebel doesn’t want you to be happy really. She wants you to rebel against society and expectations of others and yourself to prove that you don’t care what anyone thinks. The inner rebel will not want you to love your body now and may resist exercise and eating healthy because you may think that skinny equals success and you may fear success or the attention being thinner might bring. When you love your body at all phases, you are less likely to throw in the towel and allow the inner rebel to come out to play. By loving your body now, while using the right planning and strategies to move forward you are better able to rise to any challenge, overcome the inner rebel and shine brightly in a world where you deserve and are worthy of all that health has to offer.

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