The eternal mission in life that many people struggle with is the one to find balance. The quest can lead to yoyoing and struggling with not feeling good enough because you just can’t seem to get it right or keep your life balanced. It is sadly a balancing act so you must just go with the ebbs and flows, do your best at all times and make sure you find your groove that you can stick to for the rest of your life – or at least most of it. This is a mission that has many women in a pickle, and it sees them give in because they just can’t seem to find their groove but keep at it and with these 3 tips, you will find at least some reprieve:

Planning prevents poor performance.

Planning is essential to any mission. It is very much a powerful thing that can make or break your success. While plans are made to be adhered to with precision, you might find you need to shift and adjust in a healthy and balanced way along the way. To prevent yourself struggling with losing grip on your balanced life, make a plan, map out your success path and do what you can to stay true to what you promised. Yourself. This increases self-worth and provides you with your groove.

Work out what you individually need and stick to that.

When you plan from a place where you know what you need to keep your balance you set yourself up for a great life. Knowing your needs and clearly stating them with boundaries can help you to find your groove and also helps those around you to know what you need so you aren’t taken off track by others. This is something that will form your future and your self-worth because knowing yourself and your needs while clearly stating them creates a whole different world of success and harmony. Finding your groove when it is aligned with your greatest vision and goals makes for a smoother journey and ride.

Use the 80/20 rule or give yourself one day off a week.

Give yourself a break! Don’t strive for perfection but strive for excellence. In the Battle Babes Fitness magazine, you will find an edition where I talk specifically to this topic. The 80/20 rule is where you are very healthy 80% of the time and you give yourself 20% leeway to be able to treat yourself. If you are stiving to be perfect you are less likely to stick to your eating and exercise plan so make sure you give yourself a break and live by this rule that will have you enjoy your life more while achieving your results.

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