I have to write about this because when I tell people about Battle Babes, the first thing they often do is look at my body as if it is a business card or means something about whether I am a success or not. This is about body image ladies! I am the first to say that I am on the journey with you and although I have lost a lot of weight, I want to shift some more for health reasons but if it never came off me, I would still do Battle Babes because it is about mental fitness and adjusting your behaviours from there. I want you to learn from me that you shouldn’t put things off for the way you look and if you are on the journey that is the first step. If I took the stares personally, I would maybe not value my body as much or I may not love my body as much as I do. I want to impart upon you the ways to value your body, and that includes what you do to it while also the way you feel about it:

Know you are just perfect the way you are.

No matter what public opinion says, you must embrace and love your body now. To one person you may be thin and to another you may not seem that depending on what they place their opinion of what thin is on. For you to know that opinions are a dime a dozen, and they don’t really mean anything about you they mean something about the other people who are judging. If you are struggling with your weight, just know that you are prefect the way you are and you can find ways to create the results you want without punishing yourself into them.

When you know that you are just perfect and your body is not your business card, it is a precious commodity that needs to be looked after but your shape and size is not a depiction of your success in life – your success comes from your ability to love your body now and work toward your health working with your hormones, medications, mental health, lifestyle, children, partner, work and the endless list of things that can cause challenges. You can love your body now and make sure you value it for the gift it is.

Exercise and eat well while embodying for ultimate results.

I know, you know this right! Now this doesn’t mean anything when it comes to other people’s opinions of you but just know that when you are looking after yourself, you feel better about yourself. When you embody, you are embracing and loving your body now and can feel your body and are deeply in love it. Exercise and healthy food contribute to this while so does all types of movement like dancing.

When you are embodied you are less likely to hate your body and more likely to disregard any comments or looks that may make you feel or think you may not be good enough. I know this well because people often think because I have fitness in the title of Battle Babes, that I must be chiselled and sculpted but what about femininity, ageing and the fact that we are all on a journey and by eating well, exercising and embodying we are stronger in mind and body to be able to withstand the opinions of the world.

    Take action for you and not to please others.

    Taking action is a show of a sign of self-value when it comes to looking after yourself. This doesn’t mean obsessing and destroying your metabolism with diets and quick fixes, it means taking joyful actions that bring you a sense of peace while pushing yourself to get stronger and more resilient over time. When you are taking action to please others, that is not sustainable as it is based on external motivation when we want to be intrinsically motivated from within. If other people’s opinions are driving you only, you may find yourself in vanity and struggling with yo yo ing. Of course, use negativity as fuel to feed your desire to succeed but look within for your motivation and find ways to take action for you and only you.

3 ways to value your body just the way it is and overcome external opinions was first published to Battle Babes Fitness blog