Let’s face it, most of us have done this at some point in time. That is overeating healthy foods. It can be so easy to do as there is the rationale that it is healthy therefore it won’t cause health issues or weight gain, but this is not a healthy approach to food. The dose equals the poison thus meaning you can gain weight and lose health if you are overeating on anything. Many people think that just because it is healthy it’s low in calories or is good for you, but you must watch out for hidden sugars and high calorie snacks that can creep up on you sometimes. I believe in the 80/20 rule all the way around. 80% of your weight loss and sustaining weight is food related and allow yourself 20% of the time you eat to be treats. In this article, you will discover the 3 strategies for overcoming overeating healthy foods:

Trust that you can make healthy choices and you can feel satisfied by your choices.

Losing trust in your intuition and feeling full while also in your behaviours can lead to chronic overeating and challenges with eating portion sizes. When you trust in yourself, you are less likely to overeat and more likely to enjoy your food feeling satisfied. Know that you can eat healthy food in moderation while understanding you are capable and able of being disciplined and in charge of your eating habits.

Calorie count for the short term to be able to recognise your portion sizes.

Informed eating is when you can recognise a portion size and approximately your daily calorie intake. This is not about obsessively counting calories; it’s about learning what your body needs. If you are trying to lose weight, aim for approximately 1200 calories per day (different sizes may need a different amount of calories so seek professional guidance if you are unsure). By doing this, you know you are getting enough food and not too little food. Once you have calorie counted for a while, you learn what your portions look like and you can train your body to respond to those portion sizes while then learning to trust a combination of your mindset and intuition to be able to eat the right amount of food for you.

Bless your food and eat slowly embracing the process, tastes, aroma and textures.

So often people just consume food and don’t appreciate it and nourishingly consume it. In the fast pace of the world of today, this can be very common, and you must know that slow eating and blessing your food is a nourishing process whereby you are able to embrace the process, tastes, aroma and textures for a nourishing and enjoyable experience leaving you satisfied and full.

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