It can be so easy to succumb to the negativity of the world, others or your own internal dialogue. In this mission I will help you understand and appreciate how you can manage negativity and negative thinking to be able to smash out your goals. In life it can be a struggle for some or not so much for others, however no person on the planet has never experienced some form of negativity and negative thinking. I know it can feel like it is out of your control and you may not be able to do anything about it, but you can. If you are struggling with your mental health, make sure you seek professional help. With these 3 insights you will be able to enlighten yourself somewhat to be a Battle Babe who wins the mental war:

Notice the thoughts and know they are not real unless you act upon them.

Different people have different levels of negative thinking and you are better placed to deal with any negative thinking when you know that the thoughts can’t hurt you unless you act upon them. Be sure if you have negative thoughts that you reframe them toward the positive and act on the positive thoughts over the negative ones for successful outcomes. When you notice your thoughts, don’t be afraid of them, just know they are simply the enemy trying to take you out of the game so be bigger than the enemy and find ways like reframing and the below to be able to think more positively.

Acknowledge the thoughts and allow in success thinking.

When negative thoughts try to infiltrate your world, make sure you acknowledge the thinking and know what is going on within you that is attracting such thoughts. You may need some Tactical Support to be able to beat the enemy that wants to wipe you out. By reframing your thoughts, you allow in success thinking and don’t allow the negativity to infiltrate your being, but you stand up and fight. You can find moments of peace if you simply acknowledge your inner turmoil that is attracting them and replace the negativity with positive success manifesting thoughts.

Pray or meditate to be able to find some peace.

In the busy world of today, it can be easy to lose your footing for the way that life has become fast. Take some time to sit and pray and meditate and do some gentle exercise that brings you joy and peace while reframing your thoughts to be able to be more at peace. When you go within, you are better able to connect with your purpose and your vision and stay on track while making sure you acknowledge your emotions and seek help if you feel they are too much. You can find peace at times and you can overcome the negativity that may plague you and be a success mindset kind of woman.

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