Many women think they aren’t thin enough or good enough to do things far too often. They may be struggling with self-image and see themselves as bigger than they are or think that their weight is the thing that will impact their success when it shouldn’t. I am a realist and understand that sometimes some industries hinge success on the way you look but those industries are not for Battle Babes to conform to, just be yourself, go for it in any industry and make sure that you do what you are meant to do in your life. What are you putting off thinking you are an imposter for the way you look? Maybe it’s your dream career, relationship or fitness program. The number of times I have heard women say that they will get thin and fit before they go about living their dreams is sad when it should be the opposite. Live your dreams and lose weight if you want to but don’t do it for any reason but for you and your health. With these insights, you will be able to find some peace over imposter syndrome and the way you may not see your true success can be transformed:

Know you can have your dream career.

Most of us in in a world where women are often oppressed find ourselves experiencing imposter syndrome. When you focus on your dreams and your vision for your life, your weight becomes something that is not an aspect of your success in terms of having ‘made it’ in the world. Your dream career will light you up, reduce stress therefore releasing tension on your nervous system and enabling you to feel joy more often because you are doing what you love. When you know you can have your dream career and even if you are living it now, how can you go about seeing that you deserve it and it’s something you are worthy of?

Appreciate you are worthy of your dream relationship.

How many times have you seen women sabotage relationships because they had imposter syndrome and didn’t feel good enough for the man they have attracted who may happen to be their soul mate. He just wants to love you, but you may feel below him or not worthy of him and that’s just not the game Battle Babes should be playing. Your weight is not something that determines the calibre of man you attract contrary to popular belief. It is not a sign of your worth and it shouldn’t be the thing that makes a man attracted to you, it must be your inner glow and beauty. Your body shape and size don’t matter in the grand scheme of true love and your true deep soul connection does.

Understand you are deserving of optimum health.

Do you feel like an imposter in the gym or healthy situations because of the way you think you look? Do you find yourself struggling to fit into healthy groups because you feel you don’t deserve friends or a lifestyle that is conducive to health? So many women think that healthy groups are for only the really thin people but that’s not true. Groups of good people accept all body shapes and sizes, and you are not an imposter and most likely you look better than you think you do. In understanding you deserve optimum health; you give yourself a chance at creating it. You are not an imposter for putting yourself out there in the realms you want to become or already are, you are a stunning deserving woman who belongs.

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