So many women look into the mirror and think they are fat or don’t look good because they are comparing themselves with an ideal image of a woman in their mind. This can be damaging because thinking you are fat can lead to behaviours that are either extreme on each end of the scale of manifesting more weight or obsessive dieting. It is important to acknowledge your reality and if you are unhealthy do something about it for the sake of your wellbeing while make sure you are not looking in the mirror and seeing something that is not really true. In going through this, you might think that focusing on the fat on your body is a way to create enough pain to make you make change and that sometimes works for some women but it’s not a sustainable approach. If you find you are struggling, make sure you seek professional help. These 3 ways will help you overcome a warped view of your body:

Learn to love your body now.

I know I say this a lot, but I can’t re-iterate it enough. Life is too short to be wasting it on berating your body and self for the way you look. It is too precious to spend your time missing opportunities or not wearing the clothes you want to wear and doing the things you want to do. You can love your body now by making the simple choice to start now and to reframe your thoughts toward the positive for great results. To love your body now, look into the mirror and literally say out loud ‘I love my body’. Feel the feelings of love, notice what sounds you hear and what you say to yourself knowing you are loving your body now.

Reframe your thoughts toward the positive.

Success based on moving away from the pain of not being fat and berating yourself is most often not sustainable. Success that is toward or positive motivated is most often lasting and enables you to feel more joy about what you are doing. When you reframe your thoughts toward the positive you reshape your thinking in a way that has you love your body now while working your way toward what you want from a nice and sustainable place. If you built your success on the pain, if that pain goes away there often isn’t any driving force to be healthy so make sure you build your success from a place of grace and peace over your body.

Take actions that make you feel good about yourself.

You and I both know that you can look in the mirror before a workout and see something completely different to after a workout. The chemicals in the brain that activate your feel-good emotions from taking action can be the very thing that helps you be more toward and positive focused because the endorphins can literally make you see yourself differently sometimes even right away. When you take action also, something happens to your confidence and your view of yourself while also knowing that you are perfect now and you can take some actions that make you feel even better. Go for that walk, run or workout and eat the healthy foods to make you feel good about yourself and achieve what you want at the same time.

3 ways to overcome a warped perception of your body is courtesy of Battle Babes Fitness blog