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3 ways to love your body now and into the way you want it to be

When you are considering how you feel about your body now, what comes to mind? I know that if you are losing weight or have lost weight you might be thinking it’s never enough. You might feel like you have never ‘arrived’ at that place of the perfect body. What is the perfect body anyway right? What and who determines this? It’s you because the way you feel about your body is created by you and what you are striving for is your own creation in your mind. There is so much external pressure bombarding you but I always say that not to so much blame the external pressure because it may never go away, make sure you take responsibility for the way you interact with it and what you think of yourself as a result of it. Of course, you can limit the amount of images that make you feel inadequate but know that loving your body now and into the way you want it to be is something that takes work, consistency and overcoming the odds that may be stacked up against you. These 3 ways will assist you to find yourself again inside of body image concerns and live life again:

Even when the odds are stacked up against you, you can do it. When you love your body now as I have had to learn to do because I have been at most phases of the weight gain or loss spectrum over the years, and it takes a lot sometimes to embrace your body for the way that it is right now. I have had medication, menopause and intense stress stacked up against me and still lost a lot of weight which I believe is evidence enough for you to know that regardless of what you have endured you can do it too. I may not at the time of writing this be the way others want me to be, but by God I will love my body now no matter what others say because I have endured enough as many of you have and the way we are right now is just perfect too. Women need to be cut a break regarding their bodies.

Make sure you are the one setting the standards. I have no issue with women wanting to be glamourous as long as you are looking after yourself and doing what you know is right for you. Loving your body now means loving it warts and all and when you do that you are liberated and empowered. So often the definition created by others of empowerment is a woman who is thin, but all shapes and sizes can be empowered and loving your body now and into the way you want it to be is the answer. You must set the standards for yourself that are realistic for your body shape and size. You must accept that as you age you may face challenges and I won’t project to you that I am perfect because I believe you need to know that perfectionism isn’t for Battle Babes – loving your body now is.

Love your body into the way you want it to be not hating it. So many women hate on their bodies and punish it into submission to lose weight but what if you never lost the weight? If you are hinging your happiness on your body, you may find that you are never happy because sadly the bar is raised higher and higher for women out there in the world. You must find your own standards as mentioned while making sure that you work toward your goals in an empowered and powerful way. Hating your body causes stress on your system and it causes you to struggle consciously and subconsciously. You are just perfect the way you are, while making sure you have goals that pull you toward health and wellbeing. Loving your body into the way you want it to be is powerful and I know that it may seem challenging for some, but you can do it.

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