It is true that what you focus on you create while this is not to have you take your focus off your health but to take it off obsessing about losing weight. In this mission, it is important that you set your intentions, make a commitment to your health and take actions toward ultimate health while loving your body along the way. How many times have you noticed that when you aren’t trying too hard and stressing over losing weight you are better able to lose it? The key here is to focus on life, your purpose and get busy with it so you aren’t spending your time obsessing about your weight, but you are free in yourself. These 3 approaches to weight will help you keep your eye on the ball while being free in body and mind:

What is focusing on purpose and how do you do it?

Focusing on purpose means focusing on something that is bigger than you and your weight loss or weight concerns. This doesn’t mean to dissociate from your problems and any negativity, it means to heal along the way with some help from a professional and focus on your life’s purpose. This is because when you are focused on your concerns and self, you can stagnate and wallow but when you have a grander purpose for your life, you are better placed to take the focus off weight loss in the negative sense and place your focus on the positive sense.

Place your attention on the positive.

If you are focused on the negative things you believe about yourself, your focus will often be your weight and your concerns. While if you focus on letting go of body hate and replacing it with body love you set yourself up to be able to take your attention off weight loss and put it on your purpose. A positive attitude with release the tension, pressure and obsessive behaviours toward your weight and help you to be able to focus forward. Keep your eye on the ball, have your goal and vision for your weight while letting go of the pressure, being more positive and allowing yourself to live a little more because you are free.

Vision will dissolve your concerns while decisions, commitments and action will get you there.

Your focus will determine your outcome, but negative focus will only manifest more of that. When I talk about taking your focus off weight, I mean the negative aspects and obsessing while having a healthy relationship with weight loss and focusing on what you want out of life. Your vision is everything when it comes to your life and when you are able to focus on it, as mentioned, your weight loss concerns become small, your body becomes something that is your temple to get there and you focus on life and purpose so you can live your life beyond any weight, body image and fitness challenges. So, decide, commit and act toward what you want but make sure you live for something much greater than looking good into the realm of feeling good and being healthy to be able to fulfil on your life’s mission.

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