When it comes to weight loss, what method do you use to know when you have lost enough weight? Do you use the BMI, just the number on the scales or measurements? Or do you go by your natural feeling of when you have lost weight? This is the point where you feel that to lose any more weight you would have to starve yourself and diet to get what may be an unrealistic goal. So many women could benefit from understanding the power of knowing your natural weight over a weight where you have to pretzel yourself and bend yourself through restrictive dieting to gain the results you want. It is better to be healthy in body and mind and carry some extra weight on your body than to starve yourself to meet a goal often that is set by someone else and sometimes by yourself. 3 of the ways to know when you have lost enough weight are:

Get a check-up from a Health at Every Size (HAES) doctor.

This is a doctor who advocates for health at every size. What I recommend here is that you get your blood tests and other tests done to prove to yourself you have no health concerns or aren’t at risk of any and choose your weight loss goal from there or stop trying to lose weight and start living a little more while sustaining that weight. These doctors don’t necessarily use the BMI (Body Mass Index) and they often are aligned with body image conscious ways of dealing with their patients. It is still often healthier to lose weight and I know that firsthand but do it from a place of power and knowing that there is inherently nothing wrong with you for carrying a bit of fat on your body. These doctors will tell you when you are best to stop losing weight.

Notice your appetite and listen to your body wisdom.

When you notice you have reached a place where you are able to feel you have reached your goal, listen to the signals coming from your body. You will notice where you are trying to starve yourself and trying to restrict to lose weight affecting your appetite. When you notice your true appetite, you will find that you will know the amount and types of foods that are healthy for you at that time. If you listen to your body wisdom, you will know when the time has come to stop losing weight and go into maintenance mode to be able to sustain that loss.

Know when you have reached a realistic goal for you.

The crucial part of that statement is ‘realistic’. What body type are you naturally? Go ahead and enhance that through your training, food intake and emotional healing while understanding that without surgery, there are some things you just cannot change. What is a realistic goal for you? It may be where you are at now or somewhere in the distant or not so distant future but know that it is achievable for you and you are able to rise to the challenge, do the work to get there and love your body on the way and when you reach your goal.

3 ways to know when you have lost enough weight is courtesy of Battle Babes Fitness blog