Perfectionism is something that can be debilitating because many women struggle with the fact of life that things just often won’t be what is deemed perfect. They strive to be and look like the ideal woman and struggle with the ebbs and flows of life because they think they have to be perfect all of the time. I know this well and I know what it’s like to have people expect you to be perfect even though I have been through serious adversity and struggled severely.

I am making a comeback and even if I never lost another kilogram, I am adamant I will be happy because my quality of life does not depend on the way I look, it depends on the amount I can give and what I can do for others. You are not doomed if you can’t be perfect, you are very much human and no human being was ever prefect and if they say they are, don’t trust them because they are telling you something that is not necessarily true – you must be reality based and grounded to gain your results. These 3 ways will help you to give up trying too hard and allow you to win the war on weight, body image and fitness:

Keep your faith in your ability to achieve your results.

When you are a perfectionist, it can be easy to feel like once you aren’t perfect that you will go off the rails or many women do because the stress of perfectionism can cause you to not only regress but to rebel. When you keep faith even if you can’t be perfect, you will get right back on track and keep at it while if you feel like your world is caving in if you aren’t able to be perfect then you may manifest your world caving in. Make sure you hold a vision in your mind for what you want and what you deserve and have unwavering commitment to that because your quality of life depends on your ability to let go of the past and think about your bright future.

Give up rebelling.

So many perfectionists go through times of being perfect and then times of rebelling because perfectionism is tiring. The pressure to look and be a certain way can make you throw in the towel and stop trying if you aren’t able to keep faith because it is so much hard work to be prefect. This is something that you must overcome because the setbacks in rebelling and yoyoing can be something that destroys your self-esteem and self-worth if you are trying to be perfect all of the time. Give up the inner rebel who wants to just let it all go if you have been so perfect on a diet for so long and start finding some balance to be able to be divinely perfect, rather than a perfectionist who rebels.

See your setbacks as a learning experience and step forward.

When you are a perfectionist, it can be very easy as I mentioned to spiral out of control because you have been holding on tight to the perfect diet, perfect body or perfect way of life. This can lead to debilitating setbacks if you can’t learn from the minor ones and start looking toward finding peace over the way you have been. There is much freedom in finding peace over your perfectionism and there is much you can do if you can learn from your past and challenges to be able to move powerfully forward for sustainable results.

3 ways to give up debilitating perfectionism for an element of freedom is courtesy of Battle babes fitness