Let’s face it! We are all human and sometimes lose our way and go off track with our weight, body image and fitness. In life it’s important to not strive for perfection but to strive for excellence. Excellence includes being the best you can be and if you fall off the wagon for a time you can get right back on. The difference between perfection and excellence is that perfection often presupposes that you can’t do anything that isn’t perfect but excellence presupposes that you are striving and you are on the track while there is room for setbacks and getting back on track. With these 3 simple strategies, you can get back on track after a setback and get going for even greater results than before:

Review your goals and put in place a strategy for success.

When you have no plans, you will fall into the plans of others most likely or fall into the trap of doing things that are not what you truly want to do. Planning prevents poor performance and with the right strategies you can and will be a success at whatever you have chosen to do. As you review your goals, make sure they are realistic and aligned with your greatest vision while also seeking new strategies or using old ones that work keeping them in place as a way forward from what you may have done to land in a setback. By doing this you set yourself up for success and know that if you have had a setback, it’s not the end of the world, have faith and trust you will get back on track and use your strategies and goals to get you there.

Seek guidance and help to find new ways of sticking to your plans.

You may have some goals and strategies in place or need help to create some goals or strategies so be sure you seek help where you can afford to and want to. You can create so much more when you have mentoring and guidance. Often we don’t know what we don’t know. This means often hidden in your deep subconscious there may be concerns that are holding you back that you just can’t see or there may be strategies that you need to succeed that you just don’t know that you don’t know yet. It takes team work to make the dream work so don’t try to go it alone, seek the right help and Tactical Support if you are wanting to take things up a notch and overcome a setback.

Visualise your success and hold those visions in mind.

Often a setback is about losing sight of the goal. You manifest what you focus on and what your dominant thoughts are so make sure you focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Make sure you seek to find your true visions that come from deep within and focus on that. I often teach to have a vision board so you can have the big picture in mind and manifest more of what you want so you don’t forget your vision and you can focus on it more often. Hold your visions in mind while making conducive decisions, commitments and taking action.

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