Are you suffering as a result of the way you look at and think about your body? In this day and age, there are so many things impacting mental health and to add body image concerns to the mix, that is something I believe in society needs to be addressed. In this mission, it is important to realise that you are not your body shape and size, it means nothing about you as a woman and although it may reflect your habits, it doesn’t make you any lesser human being for sometimes gaining or losing weight? Freedom is what we all want right? I believe that when you realise it’s a journey and not a destination, you get to experience an element of freedom that has you know that you are worthy and deserving of everything life has to offer regardless of what you look like:

Looks aren’t an indicator of success or empowerment.

Too many people think that looks are an indicator that you have ‘made it’ in life. So many women look at the media, magazines and social media thinking that success hinges on body shape and size while image seems to have become everything. Of course, look after yourself and your beauty regime but don’t make it your everything and don’t hinge your thoughts, feelings and emotions on the way you look because one day you will age, you will develop curves where you didn’t have them before, and you will wrinkle. Make sure you understand that empowerment is based on internal factors and living according to your true values while looks don’t mean you are or are not empowered.

You are worthy of an amazing relationship, health and career regardless of your body shape or size.

Too many women think that when they are skinny, they will make it in the world. Sadly, some career paths hinge on being skinny and beauty only or mostly but the world is changing where all shapes and sizes are to be represented in all areas. How many times have you thought that your soul mate will come want you when you are skinner or look different? If he wants you for your looks only get rid of him as he isn’t the one for you. How many times have you thought you will start or up the ante with your health when you lose some weight? Know that you are worthy now and get started now regardless of what your body looks like.

Learn to look at yourself in a positive way.

What do you think when you look into the mirror? I know it might seem difficult to embrace your body curves and all, but you must for the sake of your own quality of life. When you look at yourself in a positive way, you balance out any negativity you may be thinking about yourself. You get to free yourself and know that love is in the positive and negative and embracing it all regardless so you can feel worthy and deserving because over negativity could be the very thing making you miss out on your dream life. Looking at yourself in a positive way, you get to see that you are able to manifest beauty in it’s true form – love in all aspects of who you are now. You are beautiful regardless of your body shape or size.

3 ways to find freedom around your body image was originally published on Battle Babes Fitness blog