Let’s face it, we are living in a world where there is judgement and people think that their opinion or view of the way you should be is right. People get fixated on what others are doing or not doing and judge and condemn. This will hold you back and hold you down when it comes to loving your body now and embracing who you are in entirety. Sometimes you just know when people are looking down on you for your weight, body shape and body size. The thing to do is to make sure you don’t worry about what others are thinking, saying or doing, you must make sure you do what you know deep inside you are called to do. Sadly, fat on the body has become in many ways something people are shamed for and it is deemed often immoral or a bad thing. This is not the case, it simply is fat on your body and all people have it in differing amounts depending on genetics, habits, behaviours and stages of life for some. With these 3 ways to deal with judgement, you will find some reprieve in a world where opinions are a dime a dozen:

Know who you are and what you want.

When you know who you are and go for what you want, you may come across adversary forces that cause you to struggle and which may take you off track because of the judgement you feel, hear or see. In these times, make sure you look to your own true path and calling in life and stick to your plans because that is where the greatest rewards are. If you listen to what others may say and their opinions are allowed to infiltrate your subconscious, you may become what they think, say or project upon you. Be more powerful than the opinions of others and invent yourself the way you know you are meant to.

Understand that it’s a reflection of the other person’s character.

Too often people think that it is the ‘overweight’ woman who is the one with the problem. Of course, you may be wearing your emotions on your body but that’s a different matter. If people try to drag you down with negativity or the projection of judgement upon you, make sure you know that it’s only a reflection of them and their character. Some people can be cruel and don’t want to see you succeed but you must overcome that, and you must know that you are powerful and able to rise above any projection or opinion enforced upon you.

Be discerning regarding what is judgement and what is feedback.

Sometimes the judgement of others can be the fuel that feeds you to make change and to become what you want to be. This is not ideal because you want to be inspired from within through intrinsic motivation that doesn’t move away from pain but moves toward what you want. In saying this, sometimes you can see the judgement of others as feedback and a way to improve yourself if you take it on board in a way that doesn’t infiltrate you but inspires you to transform. Feedback is the breakfast of champions so take it on powerfully knowing that some people are saying things out of love and know the difference so you can cause your life to be the way you want it to be.

The following post 3 ways to deal with judgement to succeed in your weight loss journey is republished from Battle babes fitness by Anna Maria Lang