It is often inevitable that you may find yourself setback. Sometimes life gets in the way or you simply feel like you can’t be bothered and there can be an endless list of reasons why you might be setback. The key is to not stay where you are but to take the setback as lessons about your behaviour and habits and move powerfully forward. By doing this you can see that you are human, and you might have done things that may not be conducive to your health, but the main thing is that you get back on track. Sometimes you might find that a setback leads to a spiral poor health habits. The best thing to do is nip it in the bud before you are faced with a greater setback that may be more difficult to come back from. These 3 keys will assist you in dealing with a setback and help you to move powerfully forward:

Be powerful in your approach to a setback and don’t beat yourself up.

Beating yourself up for a setback may only cause you to create more of what you don’t want. Make sure you see your setback as a learning experience as mentioned, while ensuring you get right back on track with consistency in your health habits. To do this you need to go easy on yourself and allow yourself to go through what you may be going through that has you setback while having clear goals and outcomes you are working toward that help you to stay focused and create the goals you want.

Know you are human but make sure you get right back on track.

By knowing you are human, you release the pressure you put on yourself while understanding and learning from your setback. Make sure you understand the reality of goals and that a plane doesn’t fly in a straight line to its destination and you most likely won’t achieve what you set out to without some obstacles coming up. Of course, the less the better while knowing that things happen in life and what you do in a setback is crucial to your outcomes and the way you feel about yourself.

Have an accountability buddy or a trainer who helps keep you on track.

When you have accountability, you are more likely to not only get back on track but stay on track. You want to have someone who doesn’t put undue pressure on you that stresses you out, but you do want someone who you answer to who can hold you to account for your goals. You might have a friend who you trust to hold you to account or a trainer who helps you to be committed. There is nothing wrong with relying sometimes on external factors such as these people to ensure you don’t spiral out of control, but you learn and grow to be able to be even more committed as a result of a setback.

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