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3 ways to deal with a plateau and stay on track

When it comes to times when you inevitably plateau what do you do? Do you keep at it or throw in the towel thinking that what you are doing isn’t working anyway? Most women who are losing weight do plateau and they may find this time difficult because when the results aren’t showing there are two things most women do – either throw in the towel and declare their program as not working or adjust things to make way for some new results. In this mission, make sure you recognise your behaviour and ensure you take the necessary steps toward the results you want. It can be difficult when your strategy has worked until now, but it no longer is creating your results. In saying that, make sure you understand this often is normal. Losing weight isn’t the be all and end all. With these 3 keys, you will be better able to deal with a plateau.

Shift and adjust to please your adapting body. Your body has most likely adapted to the exercise and eating plan you have been on and you may need to change things up a little. You might need to change your exercises so that you can see differing results and look at your food. Make sure you don’t restrict and diet but adjust your cheat day somewhat as you could be going a little too far with it. As your body adapts to exercise and an eating plan, you may find that your results are not the same anymore which can be normal. So simply seek some professional guidance if you need to and find ways to change things up to be able to keep your results going.

Accept and love your body at all stages. The problem with a plateau is that many women start to think it’s the end of the world. They think that because they aren’t losing weight anymore that what they are doing isn’t working but it has worked up until now and all you may need to do is adjust as mentioned your plan. When you can embrace your body when you are and aren’t losing weight you win the war on body image and you are able to win the war on fitness also because you know that you need to change things up and make way for some new results.

Stay the course and never give up. Don’t throw in the towel and think that because you aren’t getting the results anymore that you are stuck. Stay the course and make the changes you need while making sure you look into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be causing you to not love your body now. Giving up is not an option here as your health and your goals depend on it. If you find you are wanting to give up, make sure you find ways to stay on track like finding a new exercise that you can add or change to that brings you joy. You can buy a new cook book that takes a non-diet approach that keeps things interesting while giving you the macronutrients you need to keep it fun and joyful so you won’t give up.

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