So many women put off things in life because they say, ‘I will do it when I am skinner’ or ‘When I lose weight I will…’. The thing about this is that life is happening around you and you may miss out on opportunities if you are hiding away from the world for the way that you think you look. I understand that there may be judgement of your body and by you in this mission, but just know that you can do whatever you like, and happiness is available to you now. You don’t need to put things off for your body any longer and you can find ways to become more joyful in your approach to life through loving who you are now. You can embrace your life for the gift it is and ensure that you are able to do all you are meant to do through being happy now. These 3 ways to be happy now will assist you to be able to be free and enjoy your life:

Start now with what you dream of doing.

If you are stuck in body image concerns, maybe you aren’t living your dreams now? So many women struggle because they can’t see the big picture and don’t do what they dream of doing for their body or self-consciousness that can destroy your self-esteem because you are focused on the little things in life. I’m not saying that body image concerns are little to many women, but what I am saying that when you focus on your dreams you are better able to rise above that which may be standing in your way and get out there and make it happen.

Find things that involve bringing you joy.

What exercise, food, people and experiences bring you joy? Often, we think we are stuck with things that bring us pain or misery and associate with things and people who drag you down but just know that isn’t the case. Sometimes you need to go through a transition to find the things that bring you joy and find ways that cause you to feel energised. You might need to adjust your lifestyle and social circles but just know that it is possible to do things that are joyful, and you are able to live your life for the great gift it is.

Focus your attention on the good things in life and your body is one of them.

Your body is an essential aspect of being human and alive. So often people check out of their bodies and do things that are not healthy for it because they don’t often care anymore, or they forget the importance of health. You must focus on the good things in life and make your body one of them. This can be done by writing down all the things you think or say about your body and change those thoughts to more positive ones while speaking only empowerment into the world regarding your body and self.

3 ways to be happy now regardless of your body shape or size is republished from Battle Babes Fitness