Do you put off things for the way you think you look, or the way others may or do think you look? In life, it is too short to be spending your time trying to please others and trying to be the ideal woman when you are ideal right now. Of course, if you want to transform, go for it and do it well but don’t hinge your success in life on the way you look. I know that there is pressure to look a certain way that may to you, or others insinuate you have ‘made it’ or you are a success for the way you look. Your success is about so much more than the way you look, it is about the way you feel, what you do to help others and what you know about your true power and self that has you realise that life is waiting for you. With these 3 ways to accept your body now, you will stop putting off things and start getting out there and making them happen:

Your ideal relationships, health and career is waiting for you now regardless of how you look.

So many women think as I mentioned that their success hinges on the way they look. This causes them to miss out on success in other ways because they are putting things off for waiting to achieve their goals. Of course, get busy going for your goals with your weight but don’t put things off for the way you are and look now. Your ideal relationships, health and career are waiting for you to love yourself and your body now so that you can be free to do all you choose to do. By putting things off for the way you look, you are telling yourself you may not be good enough or worthy when women of all shapes and sizes have good relationships, health and the career of their dreams.

Make plans and stick to them.

Get busy making your plans now and at any point you feel you may not be good enough, just know that you are. Know that you are capable and able to do whatever you choose regardless of what you look like. So many women feel and think that success includes being skinny and it can include that if that’s what your goals are, but don’t put off your dreams, aspirations and goals for the way you think you look. Most often you have a warped view of yourself anyway and you look amazing regardless of your body shape or size so make sure you get busy setting and sticking to your goals.

Know you are worthy and deserving of all you set out to do.

Are you struggling with feeling and expecting the best for yourself? Do you want to succeed in all areas of life and are putting it off until you reach your weight goal? Just know that you are worthy and deserving of all of that now and you are an incredible woman who has a very deep and beautiful soul who deserves all that you dream of right now. So much time and life can be lost waiting until you are skinny or all your ducks are in a row to get out and do things. Get out there now because you are worthy of all the success in the world which is at your fingertips if you just be vulnerable and take the leap.

3 ways to accept your body and do all the things you want to do in life is republished from Battle babes fitness by Anna Maria Lang