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3 top tips to start running and build fitness

When it comes to running, it is important to condition yourself before you start out. This can be done in a number of ways and it is important so you can avoid injuries, burnout and setbacks through possibly going too hard too soon. So many women get started on a fitness program and jump right into it when they aren’t ready to start running. Of course, a little isn’t a problem in a gym class or bootcamp environment, however if you want to run those kilometres, it is important to start where you are at, push yourself to the next level when you are ready and do what you are capable of and that is always more than your mind can fathom in the beginning. My 3 top tips to starting out with running are:

Start with walking. Choose a long walk that is a challenge and do that consistently for at least four weeks to be able to condition your body. You will find that when you walk you will surprisingly tone a little and also challenge your cardiovascular system somewhat to be able to get ready to get going to the next stage of running. I found that the longer the walk to begin with, the more conditioned I was for the run that was much shorter in the beginning enabling me to breed some success.

Partake in some weights training. When you are conditioning your muscles for running, strength training will help you have a stronger body for a better metabolism and ability to withstand the stain of running. Strength training is vital to your success with running and you will find if you do a circuit-based program where you raise your heart rate, you will be better equipped to manage running. Core stability also impacts your strength.

Do a walk and run program to begin with. Once you become used to walking, your body will adapt to exercise. After 4 weeks of walking, try a short distance with a walk/run for 1 minute on and 2 minutes off and build up to be able to increase the time you run and decreasing your rest time. This interval training will enhance your metabolism while increasing your cardiovascular capability and ensure that you build safely up to running the entire distance. Take it easy to begin with and create yourself some success and seek professional guidance to be able to take things to the next level.

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