I know what it is like to lose weight. I have lost more than enough of it in my life over two occasions and understand what it takes to lose the first of many kilograms – but what about those last 5 kilograms or so that you want to shift? I know that they are often the most difficult to lose and often women find themselves at a loss trying to shift the stubborn weight. I also know that sometimes women are trying to morph themselves into someone they may not be when it comes to weight. It’s alright to want to shift a bit of weight but be happy now while working at it in a way that brings you joy and not in a punishing way to be able to achieve what you want. These are my 3 top tips for losing the last 5 kilograms:

Lose the weight off your mind first.

If you are obsessed with the scales and those 5 kilograms, maybe you need to throw away the scales or hide them for a while so you can learn to be more natural about your approach. I’m not one of those body positivity coaches who say to throw away scales for everyone as they can be helpful at times if you are using them in the right way. When it comes to losing the weight off your mind, this is about losing the obsessiveness that comes often with weight loss and it is about making sure you are free in yourself, loving your body now and losing the weight from a place of freedom in your mind. Try measurements with a tape measure also as that can be a great way to monitor your progress that is healthier for your mind.

Maybe you don’t really want to lose that weight but think you should? Maybe you want to but know without punishing yourself and starving yourself it may not be possible? It’s alright to be alright with the way you are as long as you are healthy in terms of a good Health at Every Size (HAES) doctor. It’s important to lose weight off your body for health reasons sometimes but not at the detriment of your mental health. Be happy even if you never lost the weight.

Change your program drastically while still doing things you love.

Your body adapts to your exercise and eating plan and you may need to change things up drastically to be able to lose the last 5 kilograms. When I say drastically, don’t think I am saying to diet and exercise like a machine. If your body has adapted, then those are things you may feel you need to do if you don’t change your program which is a very unhealthy approach. If you do change your program, you may just find that is all you needed to achieve your goal and do it in a way that is not about punishing your body into submission and weight loss, but in a way that brings you joy still while doing things very differently.

I have to say that you most likely may need some professional guidance to do this and know that changing things up, causes your body to have to work differently and harder and can cause you to shape up much faster. Make sure you eat your macronutrient balance when dealing with your eating plan and don’t cut out food groups while understanding that there is more to losing weight such as the emotional aspects of the journey and this may be part of what you need to succeed.

Do some resistance training.

The size of a kilogram of fat to muscle is significantly smaller and you metabolise much faster and consistently when you are more toned. It is still I believe believed by many women that resistance training and doing weights may make you bigger but that is a myth. This is where you must use the scales correctly so seek professional guidance on how to use them to monitor fat percentage over kilograms and ensuring you are focused on the right thing – health over vanity. Resistance training will make a very big difference to the way you feel, your body fat composition and also the way in which your body metabolises food. It is important to avoid high protein, low carbohydrate diets that often come with weight training programs and opt for macronutrient balance including all of the food groups for optimum health and sustainable results.

3 top tips for losing the last 5 kilograms and winning the war on weight was first published to Battle Babes Fitness by Anna Maria Lang