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3 things to master with your psychology of eating for balance

Your psychology when it comes to eating is imperative and to understand why you are eating as much as noticing how much and what you eat. Inside of this mission, there is much that can be learned from yourself if you see your journey with eating as one that is to learn from and embrace your behaviours and non-behaviours to cause you to be able to be empowered with your eating. Your eating psychology is imperative to your results because the way you eat and the emotions surrounding this can impact your metabolism and digestive system. 3 things to master with your eating psychology are:

Give up perfectionism. So many women go on diets and try to stick to it perfectly feeling like they are missing out and like they are literally as I described it – on a diet. Striving for excellence is important and making sure you eat healthy 80% of the time for results that are sustainable. Perfectionism can be debilitating, and it can cause you to berate yourself and create a stress response in your mind and body while triggering emotions leading to overeating, binge eating or obsessive behaviours. Let go of perfectionism and replace it with excellence and diligence for lasting results.

Master slow eating. Slow eating is an aspect of psychology even if it seems like it may not be. Often if you fear food or you are feeling guilty for what you are eating, you may eat quickly to get it over with. Additionally, fast eating may simply be a biproduct of your schedule and lack of time, but it becomes a habit that can be difficult to break. Your psychology around food can greatly impact your eating speed and it is important to know that fast eating can create a stress response in the body causing the body to store fat and metabolise slower. Give your body a break and learn to slow eat.

Notice your emotions. Your emotions play a very large role in your eating psychology because your emotions are derived from your psychology and subconscious beliefs, fears and concerns. When you notice your emotions, you are better placed to identify your eating psychology and what your thoughts and feelings are from those thoughts. This can take working with a professional to ensure you uncover the real reasons you may be emotionally eating and how you can dissolve this once and for all. When you notice your emotions, you give yourself half a chance of healing them as a problem well stated is a problem half solved.

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