Let’s face it, there are shallow people in the world who don’t accept and appreciate women for their true spirit and soul. I am not only referring to men here ladies. There are many people both men and women who judge and condemn the way we look. I know this well, but the thing is, that you don’t know what someone’s story is and what they may have or be dealing with so to be shallow and think judgemental thoughts about someone’s body, these people are being part of the problem. Many women struggle because of what others have said about them and they may find it difficult to cope with the world. Just know that every human being has experienced some form of trauma and pain and in that, it is important to be more compassionate and empathetic with others and of course, with you too. If you are rejected for your body, just know these following things and what to do about it:

These people are not your tribe and just walk away.

Be prepared to walk away from people. It can be too easy to try to make people accept you because that is the type of person you may be, but not all people are kind and loving. So just let them go, walk away and don’t look back. So many people will try to drag you down or make you feel like you are not worthy when you are. You deserve only the best so if men or other women judge you or reject you for your body just know they are not your tribe.

See it as a blessing rather than a curse.

You won’t regret seeing things this way. So many women make other’s opinions mean something about them and ruminate over the judgement of others. The thing is that you can reframe what occurs and what others may say or think of you by seeing the negative experience as the curse it is but knowing that it is a blessing in disguise because you deserve better people in your life than those who place your worth on your looks or your body. In saying this, just know that you are able and capable of doing all the things you want in your life regardless of what others think or say about you.

Don’t try to change yourself based on the external, embrace your internal.

When you try to change yourself as a result of the pain of what others think you will be driven by pain. When you see it as a blessing in disguise and move on, you get to find your true power and true self because people who judge you that way are worthy of your forgiveness but not of your time, energy and resources. When you know who you are internally, as a deep loving soul, you are more able to be who you are destined to be in this life, and you can take on your goals from an intrinsic perspective.

3 things to do if you are rejected for your body was originally published to www.battlebabesfitness.com