Often when you are joining a gym or employing a trainer it can be a daunting process. Many women get caught out with memberships they don’t use or with trainers that aren’t right for them but get locked into programs that just don’t resonate or work for them. When you are setting out to find a gym and a trainer, make sure you consider what you want and what resonates with you over selling strategies or gimmicks that tick you into thinking you are getting more than what you want. Of course, your results are in your hands but don’t go about joining gyms and employing trainers unless you do your due diligence. Sometimes you need to just try things and that is fine but don’t go about wasting your good money on programs that don’t bring you joy. These 3 things will assist you in choosing wisely and saving you some pain down the track:

Ensure they conduct health screening, are qualified and check they are insured.

Make sure the gym or trainer do proper health screening to make sure that you are alright to exercise. It is good practice for the fitness industry to do this and you can also at the same time set your goals together. When you are setting out, it is important that the gym and trainer works with your ailments while also ensuring that the trainer is insured in the case something occurs which I would hope wouldn’t, but you never know. It is basic professional practice to do a health screen, prove qualifications and insurance.

Make sure they have a cancellation policy in case it doesn’t work out.

Many gyms don’t have a cancellation policy but have a cooling off period while with a trainer, make sure that if you pay for your training up front which is common practice that they have a cancellation policy before you go paying your good money to them. Sometimes you may not be a match and you find out the hard way while I recommend locking yourself into a program and committing by paying for it, ensure you are certain before you go about paying for it because if you end up with someone who isn’t a match for you, you may find yourself unmotivated and struggling. Be sure to check their policy and hold them to it if you need to.

Choose an inspirational approach that brings you joy while knowing what you want.

It is imperative you choose an inspirational approach that brings about a sense of joy and helps you remain committed. I know that it won’t feel joyful all of the time and it can be hard work sometimes but the basic feeling you get from your program is one where you want to keep going back. When you know what you want and what brings you that joy, you are better able to choose your gym and trainer wisely while making sure that you put in 100% not blaming the trainer if you are the one who is not performing. Also make sure you choose a gym and someone that inspires you to be better. This is not so much about looks but it is about personalities and the environment you are training in while also.

3 things to be mindful of when joining a gym or employing a trainer is courtesy of Anna Maria Lang's fitness blog