When it comes to alcohol it is important to be in control of it and know if you are wanting to moderate or give it up. It’s alright if you want moderate and you are able to do that but if you aren’t it is imperative that you do what is best for your physical and mental health to ensure you have quality and longevity of life. Alcohol is not to be made out to be evil or bad but in excess it can be very damaging to your health while affecting the way you think. It can be enjoyed by some, but many are better off giving it up once and for all. There is a movement that is about being sober and there is merit in this movement because in a world where the social culture is often based on drinking alcohol, it takes strength, courage and commitment to quit that which may be the reason you are not feeling the way you truly could. These strategies will assist you to moderate of give up alcohol for the sense of wellbeing and vitality you deserve:

Change your social settings.

The most challenging part of giving up alcohol can be the fact that social settings most often revolve around alcohol. Many social groups get together over drinks, and it is socially acceptable to get roaring drunk for fun when there is a long-term impact of doing this. It can also short term destroy your sense of vitality and become something that you sabotage your health with because you may not feel strong enough to say no or change your social settings, so you are able to be health focused. Some people will put pressure on you, and they may make you feel like you don’t fit in because you don’t want to drink alcohol so be sure to surround yourself with people who support your goals and vision for your health.

Swap out alcohol for non-alcoholic drinks.

If changing your social settings isn’t viable or something you want to do, try swapping alcohol for non-alcoholic versions of wine or mocktails etc. A large part of drinking alcohol is the connection with others and in this day and age with few groups that don’t do sober activities it can be difficult to change your social settings. This takes courage and commitment because people will know you are swapping out alcohol with alternatives, but you won’t regret it the next day and into the future because you will find your health and mental clarity improve. Gone will be the days of the hangovers and feeling lethargic and welcome the new days of vitality and longevity of life. As a side note, be sure to consider that many non-alcoholic drinks can be filled with sugar so be sure to choose those wisely and in moderation also.

Consider how good it feels to be alcohol free.

It can be very easy to forget how good it feels to be alcohol free because many people don’t remember what that is like. As you consider how good it feels or would feel to be free from the toxins and feelings the aftereffects of alcohol cause, ask yourself the next time you are faced with drinking what you truly want to feel and focus on that instead. The short-term escape or high feelings of fun you might have with drinking don’t do you any good when it comes to your results and vitality. As you consider your future, what do you truly want for yourself and what are you willing to do differently for the sake of your wellbeing? What are you willing to do to be able to achieve all you set out to do in life in a way that is consistent and sustainable?

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