In winter, it can be very tempting to stay rugged up on the couch and not exercise due to the weather and the cold. So many people let their routine go and struggle to get out and exercise or eat well due to the want for warm comfort food. What are you like when the winter months roll in? Do you toughen up and keep at it or do you allow the chill to stop you from achieving or sustaining your goals? It is very important to keep at it, not so much for your looks but for your health because the problem so many women face is that the summer months roll in and then come the quick fixes and diets to try to rectify what was done over the winter months. I know this can be difficult for some while make sure you look after yourself and at least maintain your weight or lose if you want to for optimum health. These 3 strategies will assist you in staying on track:

Adjust your training program to suit the weather.

It is important to adjust your training program to suit the weather. If you don’t like going outside to exercise in the colder months, make sure you find ways to exercise indoors that bring you joy so you will not only stick to it but you will enjoy it. By adjusting your program for the colder months, you may find you not only achieve more for the change of exercise, but you stick to your program because it’s more inviting. Of course, if you like getting outside go for it if that brings you joy. It can be challenging to adjust your program sometimes so make sure you know it may take time to adjust if you feel you need to while understanding that a change in your routine can sometimes be the very thing to trigger change in your results also.

Focus on your goals while taking affirmative action.

Many women only set their goals when summer is coming. That is not the case for Battle Babes. We focus on our health all year round and by adjusting your program to suit the weather and focusing on your goals while taking action, you won’t be faced with weight gain over the winter months because you made sure you did what it takes to lose or sustain your weight for health reasons of course. When you are focused on your goals and aren’t distracted by the temptations of winter food, wine and comfort, you are more able to feel productive and good about yourself and avoid the discomfort of gaining weight and losing fitness and having to turn it all around when summer is on its way. Focus on your goals and take affirmative action to make sure you at least sustain your weight, if not smashing your goals for your commitment to your health.

    Employ a trainer to keep you accountable and on track.

    Let’s face it! Sometimes we just can’t seem to do things alone and all by ourselves. It’s not a weakness to admit you need a bit of a push and to be held to account so make sure if you need to, you employ a trainer who can hold you to account and teach you some strategies to apply to your program in the winter months that are more comfortable, and you are more likely to do. When you have that person to assist you, it really helps you to stay on track and avoid the rush to lose weight when summer comes while maintaining your fitness and health even in the colder times of year.

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