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3 strategies to deal with binge eating for a healthier relationship with food

Let’s face it, most women have binged on food before and let’s not label it a bad and wrong thing. It’s alright to every now and then to eat a little more food as you may need it. The thing is if you do it regularly this may cause you some concerns with your health and weight. Sometimes stress gets to you and you may reach for food as comfort while other times you like the taste and texture and it may be the only thing that seems to bring you joy. Regardless of why you do it, the important thing is to moderate it and know that you can not so much control it but embrace it to understand that you may need simply just a bit of love, some extra food sometimes and to listen to your body wisdom. The 3 key strategies to deal with this are:

Give up diets and restrictive behaviour. When you restrict your body and deprive it of the nutrients it needs of course you are going to have hungry times. You need food to survive so if you are drastically restricting or dieting you may find during or at the tail end of the diet you become ravenous and regain weight because you have lost it the wrong way. When you give up diets and restrictive behaviour, you find you are healthier in body and mind and you are better able to metabolise while feeling full when you have eaten because you are eating enough food.

Notice if you are craving food or love. So many women are deep down lonely or disconnected from others in ways that make them feel that food is their best friend. If this is you, you must seek some assistance to overcome that and find ways to fill the void with something other than food. You are worthy of true connections with other people and of loving yourself no matter what so know that you don’t need to reach for food to bring about that connected feeling, you can find ways to connect with yourself and others.

Listen to your body wisdom. If you are bingeing often you may be out of touch with your body and ability to know when you are full. It is important to learn to notice your own body wisdom and the way food makes you feel while listening to the signals of when you have had enough food. You may need some strategies to embody such as massage, exercise, dancing or other movement to be able to regain connection. Just know that disconnection from your body is a common thing and you can find ways to curb the bingeing habits by doing what brings you joy and lights you up while listening to your body wisdom.

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