So many women are unrealistic in their approach to weight loss. They think that there is a magic pill they can take that will strip the weight and keep it off. You just have to do the work. Often, they are also striving for a constant weight on the scales and that just won’t happen for most women. When I speak of sustainable results, you must know you are living in a world where you might go backward then forward and up and down with your weight loss journey. A realist knows this and expects to have fluctuations and times where weight may go up a little and then down again when you make the right healthy choices. In life, it’s important to be a realist and know that a grounded, steady and paced approach to weight loss is the way to achieve what you want. With these 3 strategies, you will find some aspects realist must consider for sustainable results – meaning your relationship with your body and self:

Learn from your setbacks and turn them into steps forward.

A realist will see that if you have something to learn, your results or lack thereof will show you what is nagging at you to be healed. Weight loss is far more than just actions as there is mental and emotional healing to do in the journey toward lasting results. When I say lasting results, this might mean inside a weight range rather than a specific number on the scale or clothes size. Hormones, food intake, water retention or dehydration and many other things can affect your weight so know this. What might seem like a setback could be one of these aspects that affect weight while also know that if you simply go off the wagon, you can learn from it, see what choices you made, what emotions were present and what you may have been feeling during those times.

Know that your worth is not dependent on the number on the scales.

I know this full well having been so many different sizes, fighting hormones, medication, emotions and trauma. When you place your worth on the number on the scales, you become obsessed often with something that is a human construct that means nothing about who you are as a woman. Contrary to popular belief, the made-up concept of scale weight meaning you are fat or not fat must be a thing of the past and you must find your own natural weight. Your worth is not dependent of the things that are simply there to help you manage your weight. A realist knows this about the scales, doesn’t feel deflated by a number that means nothing about you and uses the scales to drive you toward health and keep you on track if you want to use them.

Stay the path and keep consistently taking the right steps.

A realist knows that being grounded and taking small steps each day consistently is what leads to results. It won’t happen in a day or week and there is no miracle cure as the miracle is in knowing that you must heal and take the actions toward what you want. We all have times of setbacks or off the wagon for varying reasons as we are human so be sure to go easy on yourself for the way you look or what you have done because your results will come if you just see that you can find your groove, reduce your unhealthy habits to abolish them mostly to the 80/20 rule. Do this so you can live your life in a way that is structured, you can stay the path and you take the right steps to make sure you flourish and live your life for the healthy woman you are innately born to be. Consistency is key and a realist knows this and your actions and non-actions will determine what outcome you create.

The following blog post 3 strategies of a weight loss realist for sustainable results is courtesy of Battle Babes Fitness blog