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3 myths about body image which prevent you from feeling lovable

Too often women think that a certain body shape or size is what makes you lovable. As a result of the images of women in magazines, media, social media and other mediums it appears that the women who are classed as beautiful are the ones who have it all and are loved and lovable. I must emphasise that if you are one of these women who work in those areas, you are most definitely not wrong and be proud of your success. It simply is not the truth that you need to look that way though to be loved. There are many women of all shapes and sizes including yours who are loved by themselves or others. You don’t need to look a certain way to be lovable, regardless of what other people say about you or you say to yourself. These are the 3 myths that prevent you from feeling lovable:

You will be lovable when you lose the weight. This myth is one where women get caught up in putting love of self and their body off until they lose weight. Additionally, they might think that others loving them may revolve around the way they look. Sadly, some people do hinge their love on the way you look but you must remove those people and listen only to yourself when you learn to say that you are lovable now regardless of your body shape or size. You are lovable now and when you lose weight.

You will meet your dream man when you shift the weight. If he wants you for your body, you have the wrong man. When it comes to love of your soul mate and life partner, you must choose wisely and ensure you are able to find the one who loves you no matter what your body shape or size. What would happen if you became pregnant or something occurred, and you gained weight? Would he stick around? You must learn to love yourself now and embrace the fact that there are men out there and one in particular that wants you for you regardless of what you look like.

If you morph your body into a woman like in the magazines, media or social media you will have arrived at a place of love? This is a very big myth and if you are woman in the media realm, well done on your success and if you are not you can be successful in your own way. You don’t need to morph into anyone else to be lovable and to have it all. Of course, work your way to health and wellbeing and have your goals but don’t think that life is all roses if you look like one of these women. Everyone has challenges at times in their lives and be humble about your beauty and know that you are lovable right now just the way you are. You can achieve your goals while aspiring to work with what you have in terms of what you were born with and take measures to ensure you are able to feel worthy and deserving of love regardless of the way you look.

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