There is an epidemic on this planet that has women think that looks are everything. You know that feeling that your dream man will arrive once you lose the weight, you will have your dream life when you look a certain way, and your life will all fall into place if you could just morph yourself into looking like your favourite Hollywood star? There is much more to life than the way you look and by saying this, I’m not saying to let yourself go, it’s quite the opposite actually. I’m saying to look after yourself, morph into the best version of yourself and model success from others but don’t try to be like anyone but you. Too many women place their worth on their looks when your worth is derived from much more than that. These insights are designed to assist you to overcome the ‘looks are everything’ epidemic and begin to see you are beautiful no matter what you look like:

Your worth hinges on your heart and soul.

I happen to know that many women struggle because they think that their body and looks is the thing that other people, particularly men or a man want. We are bombarded with images in the media and other realms of what I call the ‘ideal woman’ that is projected that when you look like her, all your dreams will come true. I am here to tell you that all of your dreams can come true now. You might need to do some work to get there and when you look to your heart and soul, you get to see that you are winning in this mission by seeing your worth hinges on following your dreams and looking stunning might be part of it but it’s not the be all and end all of your overall goals.

Your body and looks are not your business card.

There is a myth that the supposed good-looking thin woman will get more opportunities in life and particularly their career. Your body may speak volumes of your past behaviours, non-behaviours or habits but it isn’t and shouldn’t be the thing that depicts whether you are chosen for opportunities or whether you decide to go for things in life. Many industries portray beauty as being part and parcel with success, but true success comes from within and your body and looks are not your business card, your intellect, drive, skills and other aspects of who you truly are, are the key to your success.

You deserve the love of self.

In executing this mission, you get to see that looks aren’t everything. You must know that you are stunning regardless of what you think you look like now and loving your body and self comes with a great amount of joy and peace that may just be the answer to you losing some weight and shaping up in a way that is lasting. Your looks and body are not everything and your dreams do not hinge on them, what hinges on them is your decisions, commitments and actions toward what you are meant for in this life and that is to have it all in the way that you and only you deem is acceptable.

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